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Product Overview

Testosterone Trenbolone Long 300mg/ml is a relatively new anabolic steroid that has won over professional and amateur bodybuilders. The combination in this steroid, which consists of 200mg of testosterone enanthate and 100mg of trenbolone enanthate, gives you maximal muscular gain with little water retention.

How it works?

Due to its composition of Trenbolone and Testosterone with an Enanthate ester, this substance helps athletes grow muscle mass quickly.

Meanwhile, the Testosterone Trenbolone steroid is one of the best binding androgen receptors for muscle building and fat loss. The user gets great outcomes, hence they continue to buy trenbolone online.

Proper Use and Dosage

Due to its potency, it can bring adverse effects that beginners aren’t prepared for. Before taking Testosterone Trenbolone 300, athletes should have prolactin, testosterone, and estradiol tests. The drug’s progestin, Trenbolone, can raise prolactin levels. If the athlete’s pre-drug testing show excessive levels, they should be lowered before the race.

Beginners can take 450mg each week for 8 weeks. This dose boosts strength, muscle growth, and stamina. Beginner bodybuilders shouldn’t increase dosage and course length on their own, say experts.

Injecting the medication into the buttocks increases its effectiveness. 5cc syringes are best. You can boost the efficiency of this steroid by following a particular diet, exercising 3-4 times a week, and following a specialist’s instructions.


By taking Testosterone Trenbolone Long 300mg/ml, athletes and bodybuilders can achieve acceleration of post-workout recovery. stamina and strength gains, iImproved mood, weight loss, sexual drive, and ligament and joint function.

Side Effects

Remember that any type of anabolic steroids for sale has negative effects, but they can be prevented. Nonetheless, changes in dosage can cause acne, testicular atrophy, prostate hypertrophy, gynecomastia, and high blood pressure.

Where to Purchase Online?

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