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Product Overview

Quant-Equipoise 300mg/ml has grown popular with athletes and bodybuilders since it has few negative effects while continuously enhancing muscle growth and fat loss.

How it works

Quant-Equipoise 300mg/ml enhances protein synthesis and red blood cell count, which improves nutrient transfer. Equipoise makes use of less food, making it a useful hormone for “cutting” and getting into contest form. 

The increased red blood cell count induced by this steroid boosts oxygen transportation throughout the body, offering athletes and bodybuilders more endurance and the ability to sustain cardio exercises for longer periods of time. It’s why many buy Equipose 300mg as they too want to lose body fat.

Proper Use and Storage

Male bodybuilders take 300-800 mg a week for 8-20 weeks, depending on their desired goals, while women take 50-100 mg a week to make excellent gains while minimizing side effects. This steroid has a 7-10-day half life and is injected twice per week to maintain blood levels.

Size-seeking bodybuilders stack EQ with testosterone and/or Deca-Durabolin in an Equipose cycle. Bulking bodybuilders may also add an oral substance.


Quant-Equipoise 300mg/ml users report a considerable increase in vascularity due to EQ’s oxidizing advantages. Bodybuilders use Quant-Equipoise 300mg/ml in a cutting cycle to boost anabolic activity without estrogenic side effects.

Equipoise’s bulking qualities make it popular with bodybuilders. Off-season users of Quant-Equipoise 300mg/ml report increased hunger and the ability to eat more food. 

Most users of Equipose steroid report a continual gain in muscle mass and strength over this time and credit the steroid with helping the muscles maintain a more defined, vascular tone during bulking.

Side Effects

Due to its mild nature and low androgenic qualities, women bodybuilders like this more than any of the other steroids for sale. The drug’s most common side effect is an increase in libido, and women rarely experience masculinizing side effects when dosed properly.

Where to buy

You can get Quant-Equipoise 300mg/ml at Finest Gears, when you buy steroids online, according to the body goals you want to achieve.


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