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MYO 1mg - Int
This item: MYO 1mg - Int
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Product Description

Introducing you to one of our products in one of the finest forms. The product is known by its chemical name MYO 1mg myostatin. Myostatin is a protein present in the body that is there to ensure limited muscle growth but in this drug, myostatin is used as myostatin inhibitor. This drug is provided in transparent vail in the form of a solution. It is designed for both men and women. MYO 1mg myostatin is a special drug prescribed by a medical specialist or fitness instructor usually for bodybuilders or a curing drug for individuals with muscular dystrophy for the management of wasting muscles. 

How it affects the body?

The drug stops the naturally producing myostatin by binding with myostatin to gain muscle volume. Myostatin is a protein that reduces the excess growth of muscles in an individual, MYO 1mg uses myostatin inhibitors when injected into the muscle they work to inhibit the action path of the naturally occurring myostatin in the body which results in a reverse auction where the drug encourages the production of muscle growth. 

Usage and dosage

Steroids for sale are drugs and are biotech medicine. There are greater chances that it can only be recommended when there is any medical disability and only on the advice of a medical specialist. But the dosage course is week based.


Buy MYO 1mg myostatin online which provides effective results by managing muscle-related issues including muscle dystrophy in which muscle wasting occurs and also spinal atrophy to regain motor functions. It is quite known for being used in muscle building and as muscle strength. As the levels of myostatin increase with age, this drug can help you maintain muscle mass even in mid-age. It is studied that MYO 1mg myostatin from our steroid shop in 7 days treatment with myostatin inhibitor increased the grip strength by 6X in mid-aged individuals.

Side effects

Excess amounts of intake can result in the degeneration of muscles. Other major health issues include cardiac arrest, kidney failure due to malfunction of muscle fibers, and also comes with a high chance of tendon rupture. The long-term use of this drug is not highly recommended. As the body myostatin regulates cardiac energy homeostasis the heart is usually more likely to be targeted by this drug. Due to the blocked myostatin pathways act it can greatly have an impact on gonadotropin functionality and sex hormone production could also be disturbed.


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