Dyanbol-Lite 10mg – Int


ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Methandienone 10mg
TABLET COUNT: 2 x 25 (50 tablets)

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Dyanbol-Lite 10mg - Int
This item: Dyanbol-Lite 10mg - Int
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Product Description

Methandienone is the main component of the dianabol tablet that works on enhancing muscle strength, increasing levels of protein synthesis, and also stores glucose for later use by the body. Dianabol uk is exclusively used by a bodybuilder to attain maximum muscle strength in a minimal time duration. It is known to be one effective steroid that helps an individual gain 30 lbs in a short period. This product has a history of sixty years of use by bodybuilders. The product has a half-life of up to 6 hours

How it affects the body?

Buy Dianabol-Lite that has a binding property, which helps form a linkage between androgen receptors and also activates this receptor to bring out positive results. Dianabol Pills for sale drug binds with an androgen receptor, and the receptor then does its work by releasing hormones. One of the characteristics this drug possesses is to retain the nitrogen in the body, nitrogen helps in the acceleration of blood cell production and also the protein synthesis rate.

Usage and dosage

Steroids for Sale lowest dosage is 15mg and the maximum advised dosage is 50mg which is also considered high as it can have a damaging effect on health. Is dianabol safe ? It is taken in divided doses of the full dosage. The course of the drug should not exceed more than 6 weeks.


This special formula is designed for the rapid results require in bodybuilding. The drug simply increases the hormones which are responsible for the reduction of fat from the body, to increase muscle tone and strength by an increase in metabolic rate. Buy Steroids Online as many female athletes also use this drug for muscle gain but it is advise not to be used by females.

Side-effects Of Dyanbol Lite:

Being an anabolic steroid it is in its characteristic to suppress testosterone. Because the body gets dependent on the artificial drug causing the body to suppress its natural drug. Other health issues include baldness and liver toxicity. Females using this drug have a high potential of developing masculinity, cardiac issues and cause infertility. Water retention and reduced energy are also some commonly observed effects of this drug.

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