You may probably know by now that anabolic steroids and bodybuilding are closely related to each other. Every time you see some heavily pound professional bodybuilders dominating the competition each year, you would probably know why.

Anabolic-androgenic steroids help bodybuilders build an enormous amount of muscle, which is the first reason why we’re going to look at Testosterone Enanthate to introduce you to one of the most hot-selling steroids on this blog.

You might grow sick and tired of hitting the gym regularly and downing pounds of chicken breast each week, only to barely see any development at all. You may be thinking of taking a break and wondering what would be the other steps you must take to rectify this.

Well, there are things that you can do, like running on a cycle with testosterone enanthate cycle. This blog is to give you a more detailed look at a typical Test cycle, effects and dosage, and others.

Legal Aspect
Before going into details, let us first discuss the legal technicalities. Anabolic steroids are dangerous and have been known to result in a range of side effects. It is classified under Substance III, and it is there for a reason. Like any other medication, however, if you utilize them as advised, you can help avoid the risks, which is why were here today.

People know the risks of using steroids, and they still choose to use them anyways, and that is not something that we could change.
And we chose to give you access to accurate and detailed information to guide you through.

What is testosterone?
Professional bodybuilders label this as the king of the steroids. It is an essential ingredient for all other lab-made anabolic substances out there. All synthetic variants of AAS are based on testosterone for a good reason. It can naturally be found in men and women. However, it is far more potent in men and produced in a much larger number. They usually produce testosterone in the testes, with a small percentage being secreted by the adrenal glands. Women produce testosterone within the ovaries.
The test has high anabolic properties, though it belongs to androgen. It is responsible for sexual health and functions such as muscle growth and recovery,
Testosterone is the primary sexual health hormone among men and is responsible for fertility, libido, lean muscle mass, strength, performance, and mood in general. It is prevalent for its androgenic and anabolic properties.
Once a person hit 30, testosterone production levels begin to decline, which makes it much harder to build muscles as well as the other stuff.
We could age gracefully and accept the reality that we are going to work harder to build muscle and get in shape, or we will deal with this matter in our own hands.

Testosterone Enanthate
Testosterone Enanthate is an AAS that is used in the treatment of low testosterone levels in men like the other variants, testosterone suspension, testosterone cypionate, and testosterone Sustanon.
Many professional bodybuilders make use of this because it is so darn useful in muscle building, burning fat, and speeding up recovery.
Others use it by itself, while others prefer to use it as a base for a stack.
Its anabolic properties can be used for bulking and cutting cycles, and that is what makes it among the favorite in the world of bodybuilding.
Enanthate means the ester of the base hormone. The ester bond attached to the substance determines the rate at when should the hormone be released to the body. Esters are carbon chains and determine the solubility of the drug. The shorter the chain, the more soluble it is. Testosterone Enanthate is usually administered to the user 2 or 3 times per week.

The increase in muscle mass is the primary benefit of using this type of steroid for sale. Testosterone enanthate boosts protein synthesis rates, which results in building muscles while improving nitrogen retention in the tissues.
A positive nitrogen balance must be present to kickstart the process of protein synthesis. The natural process of the body where synthesizes new muscle proteins to replace those, which damaged when you were working out in the gym. The body will recover fast when more proteins are produced and the more muscle we build.

Speed up Recovery
This is one of the advantages of test-E. It helps speed the body’s recovery. As mentioned above about the protein synthesis, means that the muscles can be repaired much quicker after we have trained.
Fast recovery rates are essential to people working out in the gym as they will not just help you build muscle quickly, but also improve your training routine. You will not feel tired, weak, or sore the next day.

When this steroid promotes muscle mass increase, it also helps to improve your strength levels. A substantial increase in weight means that their workouts become more efficient, and they get to lift heavier weights and increase rates of muscle hypertrophy.

High Sex Drive.
People would much rather have a high libido than a weaker one, which is another beneficial reason to try test-E.
This steroid is highly androgenic, and it follows that a sex hormone plays a vital role in a person’s overall sexual health and function.
This property of this steroid is considered more beneficial to have a high libido than a weak one.

Side Effects
Test-E can still be very dangerous with some of the side effects that you may experience in using this type of steroid. However, you can avoid many severe side effects with the use of Post Cycle Therapy. The following are some of the common testosterone enanthate side effects.

This is the biggest thing to watch for this steroid for sale as it can aromatize and can convert to Estrogen. Estrogen can cause gyno, water retention, bloating, fat storage, and suppressed metabolism. Doesn’t sound pleasant, right.

Androgenic Side effects
The androgenic side effects include mood swings, acne, oily skin, hair loss, and irritability.

Dosages usually range from 250mg every other day to 750mg per week. However, some dosages go as high as 1000mg/week. But bear in mind that dosages depend on your objectives and which cycle are you running. Have yourself check with complete blood chem to monitor your status. It is likely necessary to get clearance from your doctor on the use of steroids.

Health providers require Post Cycle therapy after a cycle of Test E. Every steroid user needed it after running a period no matter how mild it may be.
PCT functions like setting up your body back to its natural environment, like how the ‘restore to factory setting” works on a device. It resets your body back to how you were before you started taking the steroids. PCT should come in the form of Nolvadex that you could also find in nearly every PCT stack imaginable.

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